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stamped//ON TIME daily theme: Tuesday

really big sad things have happened to me in my life *knock on wood* i'd probly have to say that one of the worst things to happen so far in my life is the death of my grandma, "nanny", in '99, i was really close to her

here's a pic of a pic i have of her on my desk here at school:

and one time my grandpa, "grampsy", her husband last year had to have triple bypass and i was very scared of losing him too:

isn't he cute :) haha he writes me letters like twice a month to school

here's a pic of him in the paper at the "SENIOR prom" haha get it!? he works at an old folks home, and he helped out at it and he was wooing all the ladies so much he made it into the paper!:

i'm sure these problems seem like nothing to some of you, but they're some of the most devastating things to happen to me
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