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We all have our dirty little secrets..

What's yours?

What's your dirty little secret?
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Dirty Little Secret is a community that rates your appearance. If you can't handle criticism, don't bother applying.
Remeber, it's just livejournal...


1. Make everything friends only.
2. Don't reply to every vote. It's annoying.
3. Only comment your application until you're stamped.
4. Don't argue with members or mods over votes. You'll be deemed sucky and be banned.
5. NEVER delete your application. It's lame.
6. If you're rejected leave the community and stay away. We didn't like you the first time, we won't the second.
7. The subject for the application must read 'bananas in pajamas!'.
8. You have 48 hours to post your application after joining. If you don't, you'll be removed.

1. All pictures must be under a cut.
2. Make everything friends only.
3. Stay Active.
4. Promote.
5. Vote.
6. Be harsh, but don't judge based on ethnicity, sexual preference, etc.
7. Don't start drama.
8. Put all promotions under a cut, as well as a link showing you promoted us there.
9. Be a cam whore. It's appreciated here.

DO NOT change the application in any way. Do not use rich text.


Promotion banners
Accepted/Rejected Stamps

Daily Themes
Monthly Theme
Cyber Shopping
Scavenger Hunt

Coloring Project
Weekly ColorPost pictures of the weekly color. At least one must be you with the weekly color. RED

Don't like someone in the community because they're not active, they don't like you, or they're ugly? Then challenge them! Fill out challenge form and put challenge as the subject. Winner gets 20 points, loser must leave, but may reapply.
Mods/co-mods can't be challenged.

Member Of The Month

Past MOTM's

Hottie Of The Month

Vote for the next HOTM
Past HOTM's

Superlative: Best Outfit

New Superlative: Coolest Room Post an entry here.
Past Winners

Members & Points
Members & Points page here
Point Store Here

The Mods.

Hiatus List

Vote-Off Victims

+5 for every promotion
+5 for every picture
+10 for coloring project
+10 for participating in monthly theme
+10 for daily theme
+25 for participating in cyber shopping
+40 for winning cyber shopping
+15 for scavenger hunt
+15 for monthly survey
+15 for weekly color
+10 for any survey
+15 for monthly quiz
+5 for every post that doesn't contain something else that gets you points.
+10 for every promotion banner you make
+5 for every Accepted/Rejected banner you make
+20 for winning a challenge
+20 for MOTM
+25 for HOTM
+20 for winning superlative

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